Announcement on Suspension of Operation of BiKi Platform

Dear users,

In response to regulatory policy requirements, BiKi platform (official website: and has ceased new user registration and KYC for Mainland China from 2021/9/26. As for existing users, our platform shall ensure the safety of their assets while providing adequate time for users to make exit clearance before the official cessation of operation on 2021/11/30. The details of the exit clearance will be notified to the users via announcements, emails, system messages, SMS and etc. The specific rules for exit clearance are as follows:

1. With effect from the date of this Announcement, our platform will progressively delist all trading pairs and close deposit function until all trading shall cease after 2021/10/31 and only withdrawal function shall remain open until 2021/11/30.

2. The platform will officially cease its operation on 2021/11/30 after which users will not be able access our official website and APP. Users who did not make timely arrangements for their assets shall enter into the manual custodian, and contact us via our official email( and verify their identity in order to apply for the manual withdrawal of their assets (processing time once a month only) and due to the large technical, operation and maintenance costs involved for the manual custodian arrangement, there will be an annual management fee of 10% chargeable for unwithdrawn assets. If less than 1 year, the fee will be calculated as 1 year accordingly and shall be deducted upon withdrawal. Users are reminded to make timely withdrawa to avoid such managment fees.

3. The platform tokens will be repurchased with bulk orders based on a 5-day average price on the announcement date. The repurchase period will be from the announcement date until 2021/10/31 and users are reminded to sell them in a timely manner. Subsequently after 2021/10/31, the platform will no longer be available and losses due to any pending repurchase orders not sold in a timely manner by the users shall be borne by the users.

Thank you for your understanding, and your valuable long-term support.

Risk Reminder:

BiKi platform hereby solemnly declares that BiKi official employees will never ask users for account number, password, SMS code, google verification code or any other information in any form. If you encounter such situation, please report to us via email:

BiKi Team




为响应监管政策要求,BiKi平台(官网 )已于2021年9月26日停止了中国大陆地区新用户的注册和KYC。对于存量的用户,在保障用户资产安全和有足够处理时间的前提下有序清退,并在2021年11月30日正式停止运营,清退细则将通过公告、邮件、站内信、短信等方式通知用户。具体清退细则如下: